Language classes at University Laboratory High School cover four years, starting the subfreshman year, and ending the junior year. During the senior year, students at Uni can take another language, enroll concurrently at the University of Illinois in a higher level of the language they have already been studying, or can opt for independent study. Students are expected to complete two consecutive years of study of one language to meet graduation requirements. Most continue for the full four years. It is always refreshing to see the students after they go off to college, come back and say that they are continuing, or that they had a chance to travel and use the language.

French 1 - Discovering French Bleu (textbook and activity book)

French 2 - Discovering French Blanc (textbook and activity book) and Le Petit Nicolas

French 3 - Discovering French Rouge (textbook and activity book) and Choc des cultures - a reader about an Algerian girl and her experience in the French school and society in Paris; movies (Hop, Rue Cases-Negres, Au Revoir les Enfants)

French 4 - literature, writing, movies (Le dernier metro, L'armee des ombres, Lucien Lacombe, and Lucie Aubrac),research and presentations (WW II French Resistance and German occupation), honing of grammar skills, debates and discussions - books (Le Petit Prince, Phaenomen, and L'Ecume des jours, excerpts of L'armee des ombres)

NATIONAL FRENCH CONTEST offered at all 4 levels